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Compelling Short Stories by a Mistress of the Form

Decision at Camp Ross Trails, and Other Stories cover

Decision at Camp Ross Trails, and Other Stories

By Ruth MacLaurin

Two females of different species try in vain to balance the demands of their men with their own needs. A little boy with a distracted single mother struggles with paralyzing fear. A pretentious food critic comes to terms with the true nature of the woman he married over a meal of ethnic dishes. A shy and grieving young girl endures a weekend campout with strangers and finds courage she didn't know she had.
     These are some of the characters who populate Ruth MacLaurin's eclectic stories. Quirky and eccentric, they are all quintessentially human--sure to move you in some way.
     Available as an Amazon Kindle eBook.

To read more work by Ruth MacLaurin visit her blog, The Compulsive Logophile.

Romantic Novella

Operation Mail-Order Bride cover

Operation Mail-Order Bride

By Elnora Field

Have you ever felt so tired of your life that you would be willing to abandon everything and start over in a new place? Cassie Jacobs does, and she pays a steep price for her freedom. After a brief acquaintance with a blind date set up by her best friend, Cassie risks her emotional and financial stability on the strength of one romantic evening. After quitting her job and moving halfway across the country to be with him, reality returns when her new swain dumps her. She is jobless, with an empty bank account, and alone.
     Operation Mail-Order Bride is both a cautionary tale and a reminder that if we stand on our own integrity, things have a way of working out for the best, and that dreams can come true in unexpected ways.
     Available as an eBook for the Amazon Kindle.

About the author: Elnora Field wrote confessions until she decided that fiction provided a better setting for her characters to live in and grow. Operation Mail-Order Bride is her debut publication.

Speculative fiction by Stephen P. Scott,
from affiliate Mudpuzzle Publishing

Serving Murphy cover

Serving Murphy

By Stephen P. Scott

Sean Murphy is a licensed hit man in a not-too-distant dystopian future. As long as he serves his three death warrants a day, life is good. Murphy likes his job, but he hates runners, the people who selfishly refuse to accept their fates and decide to flee justice. Then one day, Murphy finds himself on the wrong side of a warrant and a gun, and he becomes a runner. His own flight from justice, and his attempts to clear his name, are further complicated by having his warrant assigned to the one server who won't give up until Murphy is dead.
     Available as an eBook for the Amazon Kindle.

What Readers are Saying:
Scott delivers another thriller with a thought-provoking subtext. Serving Murphy portrays a world in which legalized assassination is the norm. This world will disturb you with its familiarity, and with the conviction you will reach that just because something is legal, that doesn't make it right, or even a good idea. --N.E.F.

Jordan's Fall cover

Jordan's Fall

By Stephen P. Scott

Jordan Daniels has lost his car, his house, his livelihood and his body. He'll have to go beyond the ends of the earth to get them back, and even after all that, he may fail. With the help of a few friends, Jordan must relearn the ways of the Brotherhood of the Jaguar and apprehend a criminal from another dimension in order to win a favor from the Council of Elders, but time is running out and Jordan risks losing everything permanently.
     Available as an eBook for the Amazon Kindle, and on Smashwords for all other e-readers.

What Readers are Saying:
Jordan's Fall is so much more than an astral-projecting, body-swapping romp. This novel reminded me of the best aspects of the Sixties, with its college-town setting and its cast of adventurous spiritual explorers. --L.H.M.

My Year in the Barrel cover

My Year in the Barrel

By Stephen P. Scott

Charlie Marlowe is a writer who finds himself exiled in a tiny Central American country that time and the rest of the world has forgotten and he has a price on his head. Before he can return to the civilized world and the good graces of his readers he must journey into the heart of darkness and interview a nearly mythical missionary. But first he must survive the climate, the flora and fauna, and the local cast of expatriate characters.
     Available as an eBook for the Amazon Kindle, and on Smashwords for all other e-readers.

What Readers are Saying:
This book kept me up way beyond my bedtime--and on a weeknight! The questions just keep coming, right up until the last page. I bought all of Mr. Scott's other novels after reading My Year in the Barrel, and I haven't regretted reading a single one More, Mr. Scott, more! --S.M.G.

Eaters cover


By Stephen P. Scott

Something, or someone, is eating the citizens of Springfield. But Rick Randall and Johnnie Birdsong, Springfield Police Department night shift detectives are on the case--if they don't get eaten themselves. Meanwhile, a couple of ne'er-do-well hackers working on a government research grant to listen for radio transmissions from outer space have hit the jackpot. Then there's the ill-advised 20 year mission to a nearby star system which may or may not blow up in the mission director's face. It's like a made for TV disaster movie in book form, only better.
     Available as an eBook for the Amazon Kindle.

Coming Soon: Eaters II

To read more work by Stephen P. Scott visit his blog, Like a Bug on a Windshield.

Voice of the Wind: Shadows of Time
Dynastic Saga from E. A. Monroe & Island Grove Press

Written in Omen cover

Written in Omen

By E. A. Monroe

Set within a world that abounds in superstition, folklore, and the Star Folk of the Objishanda, Written In Omen weaves a story of love, intrigue, and a family curse. Jarutia Fayerfield has three brothers and each brother has his own agenda. Martin, the oldest and heir, plots revenge for his father's transgressions and schemes for control of the family. Keiron chases love wherever he finds it. Jarutia's twin brother Jantz pursues answers to a mysterious gap in the history of a family that takes pride in loyalty and blood ties--no matter where the truth leads him, including betrayal of his family and beloved sister. In defiance of Martin's ambitious plans for her future, Jarutia desires the forbidden love of Doriano Drake, a man of the Objishanda, whose family secrets and ancestral memories threaten Jarutia's happiness and Jantz's life.
     Will Jarutia win the love she craves, or will threats and her fear for Jantz's life force her into a loveless marriage to safeguard the family's fortunes? Will Jantz discover the truth behind the family curse and seek his own destiny, or will life teach him lessons that will either break or harden his heart? Will Doriano Drake find true friendship and the love his mother promised? Not if Martin has his way!
     Available as an eBook for the Amazon Kindle.

Fortune's Hostage cover

Fortune's Hostage

By E. A. Monroe

Book 2 in the Voice of the Wind: Shadows of Time series, continues weaving a fascinating story of love, intrigue, ambition, and a family curse.
     "Seize every opportunity and turn it to your advantage."--that's Martin Fayerfield's motto. But, how far will Martin go to manipulate people, events and circumstances to suit his ambitions?
     Jarutia Fayerfield may have found love in Doriano Drake's arms, but can she keep him or must she sacrifice all she holds dear--her hopes and dreams--to protect Doriano, their newborn son, and her twin brother, Jantz?
     Who is the mysterious girl Jantz Fayerfield discovers wandering through the Abeytu? And why has she placed daffodils upon the graves of Eolande and Cymbeline? When Jantz pursues her, will he find the answers he seeks and unravel long-held secrets?
     The struggle to break free of greed, prejudice and the emotional tentacles woven in past lives, or in this one lifetime, threatens to overturn lives. Decisions are rendered and lies told, but for what price? For what price are Fayerfields, Tourneys and Drakes willing to forfeit--or pay--for betrayal or happiness?
     Or, are they all Fortune's Hostage?
     Available as an eBook for the Amazon Kindle.

Romantic Historical Fiction from affiliate Milldara, Inc.

The House of M. Lucretius cover

The House of M. Lucretius

By Liz L. Alexander & Jean M. Bratcher

Is it possible that we live many lives? How might those past lives and relationships play out in the present? Do we carry burdens of responsibility, fear, or guilt as well as love from lifetime to lifetime? The House of M. Lucretius strives to answer these questions by reflecting the history of the heroine in another lifetime.
     Maggie Knaveen is a 27 year old, attractive, but neurotic scientist. Mark Hampton, a handsome Boston ADA, pursues her. He is accustomed to success and being the object of female pursuit, so Maggie's ambivalence toward him is magnetic. As the relationship develops, Maggie's fears intensify until she runs away to sort things out.
     Follow Maggie in her life as Claudia Quinta where she learns that tragedies and loss haunt her through more than one lifetime. Visit the forums, the temples, and the baths of Ancient Rome. Witness the excitement and violence of the gladiatorial battles and the public executions demanded by the people. Participate in the secret ceremony of the Villa of Mysteries. Wait for the ominous rumblings from Vesuvius that warn of pending danger.
     Available as an eBook for the Amazon Kindle, and in hardback.

Whispering Oaks cover

Whispering Oaks

By Liz L. Alexander & Jean M. Bratcher

Do promises made in one lifetime bind us forever? How do we break free? Can love overcome all obstacles? What about when someone you love is on a course of self-destruction? What do we owe to those we love? Do we have to sacrifice our lives for them, not to protect them but to join them in their destruction?
     Jillian White Harris, a twenty-four year old, bright, slightly overweight bank executive is married to an alcoholic, Drake Harris. She's been in love with Drake since they first met in college and she can't imagine her life without him. Jillian knows all the ifs of Drake's life: If only he could get the right job; If only he could stop drinking; If only he'd settle down and grow up; If only she could love him enough to make him change. She was so focused on his life that she really couldn't concentrate on her own. And then something happened on a business trip to Savannah that began to change everything. It certainly changed Jillian's understanding of her marriage and what it was based upon.
     It's in Savannah that Jillian gets her first glimpse of Ellie Peters and a world very different from her own. As Jillian investigates more about Ellie she gains the clues that explain why she's been letting Drake have his own way for so long and why she fears leaving him despite her pain and desperation. The secrets were there, buried in the past at Whispering Oaks.
     Available as an eBook for the Amazon Kindle, and in paperback.

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